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Application Process

The applicants with qualification should contact the International Student Service Office of HEBUST (Contact Us followed) 1or 2 months before the enrollment:
1. The Application Form of Hebei University of Science and Technology and The Health Examination Report are available by download at 
http://english.hebust.edu.cn, or by coming to the International Student Service Office.
2. The carefully filled-out  Application Form and Health Examination Report in according to the demands, the original graduation certificate and school’s report (the duplicated), ID of the client in China and the Financial Guarantor (the duplicated),  (For Master degree applicant, another 2 recommendations from persons with at least associate professor title are needed), these needed documents  should be mailed, faxed or delivered to the office one or two months before the enrollment.
3. Upon receiving these documents mentioned above, this university checks all the information of the Foreign Students and mails the admitted applicants within two months:  The Entrance Letter; 
The Visa Application Form for Foreign Students to Study in China (JW 202). 
4. The admitted applicants should go to the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country with the 2 documents (mentioned in step 3) for an entry visa to China.  For the one-semester or less than one semester students, an entry visa (X or F type) is needed. For the long-semester students, an entry visa (X type) is needed.

  Entrance Time

Chinese Language Students (short term): Apply at any time and enrollment according to the time in the Entrance Letter.
Chinese Language Students (long term): Enrollment in March and in September and the registration time according to the time in the Entrance Letter.
Degree Students: Enrollment in September and the registration time according to the time in the Entrance Letter. 

  Documents submitted for enrollment

The admitted should submit the following documents for registration:
1. Application Form of Hebei University of Science and Technology
2. Passport and the copy (the duplicated)
3. Photograph (5 pieces)
4. Personal Resume

  School Term

There are two terms in each school year: 
The first term begins in September and ends in January;
The second term is from March to July. 
Please read the School Calendar for exact information. 
There are about 40 school weeks each year. 3 days’ holiday on both National Day (1, 2, 3, October) and 1 day holiday on May Day (1, May).
The winter holiday is from the middle January to the late February and the summer holiday is from the early July to the late August.