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Tuition and Cost

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                                                                                    UnitYuan (RMB)
Student Categories
Schooling Time
Tuition Fee
Book Expense
Accommodation Expense 
Chinese Language 
(Short Term)
3 weeks
300 RMB
1500 RMB
The Price of Books
Double Room:
20-30 RMB
 Per Day/Bed
Single Room: 
40—50 RMB
 Per Day
Expenses Charged 
by The Current Standard 
of The Foreign Student 
4 weeks
1800 RMB
5 weeks
2100 RMB
6 weeks
2400 RMB
Chinese Language 
 (Long Term)
One Term
400 RMB
7000 RMB
The Price of Books
One School Year 
(Two Terms)
14000 RMB
Degree Students
4 years
3 years
400 RMB
Liberal Arts Student
16000 RMB
Engineering Student
17000 RMB
Arts Student 19000 RMB
The Price of Books
1The expenses above are for your reference. The actual expenses depend on the current standard of the school. For more details, please call the office of the International Student Service. (86-311-88623762 86-311-81668197)
2Register fee, tuition fee, book expense and insurance fee should be paid when you register in the enrollment. Those whose school time is more than one term should buy the comprehensive medical insurance (medical insurance and personal accidental death and injury insurance).
3Expenses covered by the students: Tuition Fee, room and board fees, Book Expense, phone bill, internet bill, fax bill, postage, medical charge, insurance, the non-teaching-concerned experiment/ Practical Training/sightseeing, visa fee, and certificate fee. 
4The overseas students can also choose to live outside the campus. If you want to rent an apartment, you should register in the local police station with the landlord.
5.  The university is located in downtown area of Shijiazhuang. The transportation is very convenient. There are hospital, bank, post office, mall, supermarket, restaurant and other entertainment places. It’s very convenient to live here. The school cafeteria is very clean and tidy in perfect environment with wide selection of meals which is delicious and cheap, and the meal price is about 10-20 RMB per person each day.