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Qualifications of Foreign Teachers Applying to Teach at HEBUST

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Hebei University of Science and Technology has been inviting foreign teachers all year round to teach English and French.

Qualifications of the foreign teachers

1. The foreign teachers must be English or French native speakers. 
2. The foreign teachers must hold a bachelor’s or higher degree. 
3. The foreign teachers must have over 2 years teaching experience. Couples are especially welcomed. 
4. The foreign teachers must be under 60 years old.     
5. The foreign teachers must be physically and mentally healthy. The foreign teachers must buy insurance covering serious disease before coming to China.

Subjects for foreign teachers
English Listening, Oral English, English Reading, English Writing, English Literature, Western Civilization, Oral French, French Listening.

Documents required
1) a copy of health examination report 
2) a copy of passport 
3) a copy of degree 
4) a recommendation letter 
5) a digital photo 
6) contact methods, including phone number, address and email 
7) a copy of resume