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HEBUST Held 2016 Foreign Teachers and Students Christmas Party

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On the afternoon of December 23, our university hosted the 2016 Foreign Teachers and Students' Christmas Party in Faculty's Family in Administration Building. Vice President Zhao Jiang attended and spoke at the party.
Zhao Jiang expressed his gratitude to the foreign teachers for their hard work and hoped that all the students would become the international brand of the university.

At the party, South Korean teachers performed Korean chorus "Silver Bell", which is full of exotic. American teachers’ Never Gonna Give You Up won applause for his cheerful rhythm. The performance Tai Chi Charm by Zambian students is vivid and full of elegance as well as masculine features of martial arts.

The purpose of the party is to enrich the college life for foreign teachers and students and to provide a platform for mutual exchange and learning, by which foreign teachers and students can feel warmth and friendship at Hebei University of Science and Technology, and continue their efforts in teaching and learning, so as to further promote the internationalization of our university.
All the foreign teachers, some students and the staff of Department of International Exchange and Cooperation participated in the party.