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Professor Zhen Chongli Appointed Guest Professor of HEBUST

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Wang Yuding met with Professor Zhen Chongli

Signing Ceremony

On the morning of April 25, the appointment ceremony of Professor Zhen Chongli was held at A402 office of administrative building of HEBUST. Zhen, academician of Australian Institute of Engineering, and an expert of “1,000 Talents Plan” of the Organization Department, was appointed as the guest professor of HEBUST. Before the ceremony, Party Secretary Wang Yuding met with him. President Sun Hexu affixed his signature on the letter of appointment. Vice president Song Jinghua gave an introduction of Zhen Chongli. Vice President Xue Xiaoping presided over this ceremony.
At the meeting with Zhen Chongli, Party Secretary Wang Yuding expressed his warmly welcome to him, and looked forward to training excellent research team for HEBUST. He hoped that many achievements can be achieved and promised that HEBUST will give strong support in the establishment of research platform and funding.
In his speech, President Sun Hexu expressed warmly welcome to him. He said that the development of HEBUST is closely connected with talents. The introduction of Professor Zhen to HEBUST will significantly promote the overall development of our university, especially in terms of projects like environment and chemical engineering. He also said that he hopes Professor Zhen to have more understanding about HEBUST, positively conduct researches, and contribute a lot to the development of HEBUST. He asked related schools to strengthen their communication and coordination with Zhen. 
Professor Zhen introduced his education, working experience and issues related to his scientific research. He said that he is willing to join the HEBUST and hope that he could contribute a lot to the development of HEBUST and local industries.

 President Sun Hexu signed the letter of appointment, and presented the letter to Zhen.

 Relevant staffs and officials attended the appointment ceremony.

 Brief introduction of Professor Zhen Chongli
Zhen ChongliJimmy Yun, an academician of Australian Institute of Engineering, professor of University of New South Wales, member of Singapore International Standardization Committee.